Completion of Power of Attorney
The following information should be completed in the corresponding numbered blanks on the Power of Attorney

1) The full and proper name of the entity. If the company is operating under a trade name, this should be shown on this line. Example: ABC Inc dba XYZ Enterprises.

2) The physical address of the entity’s primary place of business. No P.O. Box addresses permitted.

3) The U.S. Importer Identification Number (IRS) for corporation; social security number for individual entity.

4) The U.S. state (country for non-resident foreign entity) where the entity was organized.

5) The type of business entity named on line 1: “Corporation; Partnership; Individual, LLC etc.

6) The signature of an officer of the business entity. For a corporation that would be the President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary.

7) The typed name of the individual who signed on line 6.

8) The capacity of the individual who signed on line 6.

9) The date the power of attorney was signed

10) Witness/Notary is optional and is not required.

Special note for those non-resident foreign business entity:
Signer’s Capacity:
Power’s of Attorney granted by Corporation’s must be signed by a person who is authorized to legally bind the corporation. Since foreign corporate structures are different from U.S. corporate structures, the U.S. Customs Service requires that a Corporate Certification accompany non-resident powers of attorney in order to verify the signer’s authority to legally bind the company. This certification is found at the bottom of page two of the Power of Attorney form and must be completed and signed by an officer of the corporation other than the officer who signs in block 6.