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Licensed Customs Brokers in Spring, TX

Peggy Burrows CHB is a team of small, customer-focused customs brokers based in Spring, TX. We specialize in U.S. customs entry services, including electronic preparation, filing and release via ACE; carnets or temporary imports; USDA/FDA and fish and wildlife services; continuous bonds; marine insurance; remote location filing; ISF filing; and delivery services. With over 20 years of experience, customers value our personalized service and industry expertise. Contact us today for more information.
We’re a family-owned and -operated business with industry experience back to 1978.

A Small, Licensed Customs Broker in Texas

The customs process can be cumbersome and confusing for those new to it—and even for those who’ve never worked with customs brokers before. If you’re caught up in trying to get a continuous bond, Peggy Burrows CHB is here to help. We’ve been a licensed customs broker for decades and take pride in our ability to help each client, no matter their situation.

We’re a small customs broker here in Spring, TX, but we use our size to our advantage. Not only can we move quickly to get our clients what they need to pass customs, we know our clients by name. You’re not just another company or another number on the page—you’re someone looking for help getting your goods through customs. We appreciate the ability to get to know you and your business and provide solutions that make importing a breeze.

In our many years as licensed customs brokers, we’ve become extremely familiar with different agencies and their import requirements. That gives us the ability to communicate with these agents effectively on your behalf—whether you’re importing wine, fish, foodstuffs or anything else that needs special approval. We’ll get all necessary documents filed and make sure your goods have full clearance when they arrive in Spring, Westfield, Humble, or Tomball, TX.

Importing doesn’t need to be a frustrating, difficult process. Peggy Burrows CHB has been making it simpler for our clients for more than three decades. Contact us today to chat with a customs expert who’s ready to help you navigate the process.

  • We offer customers brokerage services for both air and ocean cargo.
  • Our small business size allows as to move quickly and customize our services as-needed.
  • Customer satisfaction is always the number one priority for our team.
  • We specialize in alcoholic beverages, food items and antiques.
  • We specialize in shipping puppies safely and efficiently. With years of experience in customs brokerage, we ensure that all necessary documentation and procedures are handled with care. Trust us to handle the logistics of shipping your precious puppies to their new homes.

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